Please complete the A*S*K exam order form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Orders can also be faxed, mailed, or ordered via the MBA Research online store. If your school or state requires you to purchase exams from NOCTI, you can access A*S*K exams on their website.

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Our exam fees pay for research, infrastructure, administration and our recognition package. We aim to keep the A*S*K certification affordable and exceptionally valuable.

Individual exam credits are "consumed" as students complete an exam and have it scored. For best value, take advantage of quantity pricing by purchasing all required credits with one purchase order.  Unused exam credits never expire and can be at any time in the future. 

Certification and digital badges are included in the basic exam fees for those examinees who who meet the standard score of 70% or better and complete the recognition registration in advance.

Individual exam credits

and Pretest

Quantity Discount Certification Pretest
1-9 0% $65.00 ($45.50 Member) $22.00 ($15.00 Member)
10-25 35% $42.25 ($29.50 Member) $14.00 ($9.75 Member)
26+ 45% $35.75 ($25.00 Member) $12.00 ($8.25 Member)

 Pretest available for use July 1-November 30. Certification not offered for the pretest.

Exam Prep
  • Click here for A*S*K practice tests in our online store.
  • Click here for A*S*K Exam Prep Packages in our online store. Since LAP modules are based on the same industry validation research as the A*S*K exams, they make great review and study materials.
  • For online access to all current LAPs, see the MBA Learning Center.