Schools teach business to help kids prepare for the real world. High-quality business programs are good for the kids and they’re good for you, for the entire business community. These same young students of business bring with them a positive work ethic, an understanding of basic economics (e.g., why profit is a good thing), and critical skills that contribute to both their and your successes.

But what’s high quality? We believe that the best business programs are those that teach what matters most to you and the businesses in the community. High-quality programs provide opportunities for students to experience the ways that business works. And, these best programs hold kids accountable for their learning – through certifications and assessments consistent with the needs and expectations of business.

In other words, high quality business programs in our schools are dependent on both teachers and students understanding the knowledge and skills that will matter most in the real world – in your world. And that’s where local business leaders can make a real difference.

Here are several things you can do to help ensure high-quality business programs in your community and across the nation:

  • Advocate: Make it clear to your school board and to your school administration that high-quality business programs are important to you and your community.
  • Volunteer: Let your school’s business department chairperson know that you’re interested and willing to help – as a speaker, a mentor, a judge, or an advisor.
  • Sign up: Join the national MBA Executive Advisory Network and contribute 15 minutes a month – online, at your convenience – helping MBA Research understand what matters most in curriculum.
  • Bring your association: Encourage your Chamber and professional associations to join the MBA Business Coalition for Education.   

With your help and encouragement, business administration programs -- high school and college -- across the nation can do amazing things to raise the level of the workforce in your community. You’re already paying for your schools, why not leverage your tax dollar into high-impact business administration programs that will return direct benefits to you and your community?