A*S*K Institute

Exam Requirements

Policies and Procedures

The A*S*K Business Institute is a not-for-profit partnership whose sole purpose is to document student learning based on standards and performance indicators validated through various secondary and primary research procedures.

Certification by A*S*K Institute should not be considered a statement of employability or of specific qualifications for any specific job, duty, or task. Certification intends to provide one measure of an examinee's knowledge and understanding of the requirements of business as documented through the identified performance indicators.

There are no prerequisites for examination. Any individual may participate in the testing program subject to the rules, policies, or procedures of the institution sponsoring the test site.

Individuals may access any given exam no more than one time per calendar quarter.

Exam administrators and proctors acknowledge that A*S*K exams are proprietary and have substantive monetary value. They further acknowledge liability for any action that results in the actual breach of security of exam questions or in a perceived breach of security that would diminish the overall value of the exams, certificates, Institute, or sponsoring organizations.

An independent exam proctor is required for any administration of any A*S*K exam, regardless of the number of examinees, nature of the examinees, or setting of the exams. Said proctor must meet the criteria set forth by A*S*K Institute.

Upon purchasing exam credits, test administrators will receive an e-mail containing an attachment with instructions and forms which will guide them through the testing process.


Pre-Assessment Policy

Pre-Assessments are intended to measure student knowledge prior to instruction. They may be used for several purposes, such as to measure gain over the course of the program or to help focus instruction in the most appropriate areas. Pre-Assessments are not intended for use as practice exams, study guides, nor for other instructional purposes.

November 30 deadline: In most instances, pre-assessments are available July 1 through November 30. Requests for exceptions will be reviewed on the basis of local circumstances within the following parameters:

  • If the program-of-study is structured using a non-traditional school year.
  • If there is a minimum of 12 months between pre- and post-assessment

Requests for use outside of the July – November window must be accompanied by a clear explanation of why an exception is warranted.

Rationale: This pre-assessment policy helps protect the integrity of the assessment program. By limiting access to a specific calendar window, we reduce inappropriate use as practice which in turn helps ensure the validity and reliability of the actual certification exams.


Testing Site Requirements

The A*S*K exams are administered online through an online testing vendor, Webxam  (www.webxam.org). Exams can be taken through any modern web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) running on a computer connected to the Internet. Proxy servers, network security appliances, and other applications or devices that are in the middle of the communication between the testing computer and the Webxam website may interfere with the testing process.  We strongly recommend that you or your local technical coordinator take the DEMO test on the computers that the students will be using in order to ensure everything is properly configured for Webxam. By taking the DEMO test, you can identify and fix potential problems or issues before the actual testing date(s). The DEMO test is available after we have processed your order, and you have set up your students' accounts. Steps to conduct the DEMO test are provided in the administrator instructions that your receive via e-mail after your order has been processed.

NOTE: Exam proctors are responsible for supervision of the examinees during the actual examination period. The proctor must be identified and registered with the A*S*K Institute prior giving the exam.  The proctor should be familiar with the testing process as they will help the students with any questions that arise.  A proctor may oversee a maximum of 30 examinees. Instructors may not serve as exam proctors for students in their classes/department.   For specific requirements for proctors, please click here.


Recognition Registration

The A*S*K Business Institute seeks to recognize those students who have demonstrated substantial knowledge of business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship as measured by various written examinations.

Although the Institute makes no claims regarding an examinee’s fitness for employability or college readiness, the exams do seek to recognize those individuals who have achieved a level of academic readiness and who have made a concerted effort to prepare themselves for careers in the business community.

A Proof of Learning certificate is offered in the following areas:
(1) fundamental business concepts (2) fundamental marketing concepts (3) Finance and (4) Entrepreneurship. 

To avoid special handling fees, examinees are encouraged to complete the recognition package registration prior to the exam date. Instructions for registering are provided by the test administrator at each site.