A*S*K Institute

Business Participation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors include corporate and private businesses, individual business leaders, associations and organizations whose missions are consistent with the goals and objectives of A*S*K Institute. Additional sponsors include schools, colleges, and other institutions committed to student achievement in business.

Want to encourage students in your area to participate in the A*S*K certification program? Why not consider a student sponsorship? We’ll put a custom package together to meet your specific needs. For example:

$500 will provide one test site and full sponsorship for up to 30 examinees.

$1,000 will provide one test site for up to 75 examinees.

Consider sponsoring a site and 50% sponsorship for each examinee so that each individual has made a small personal investment in the certification process.

Consider a cash incentive for each individual who meets certification requirements.

Sponsor your own employees, and encourage your own employees to develop a better understanding of business concepts as measured by the A*S*K Institute certification process.

Other Forms of Support

Increasingly, companies are finding certification of business skills to be an effective way of identifying qualified employees. As students and other new employees enter the workforce, those with a proven understanding of basic business concepts are likely to be more productive, more quickly. For many years, marketing and business programs have provided a continuing source of entry-level employees in many industries.

The A*S*K Business Institute enhances and extends the value of these programs by certifying industry-validated skills and knowledge of individual students. Specifically, the Institute is designed to:

  • Administer business-validated assessments nationwide
  • Identify those better prepared students who meet business-validated standards
  • Document achievement of exemplary, high-scoring students
  • Connect high-achieving students with business partners
  • Encourage articulation of high school and college curricula

Benefits of Participation
Participating (Sponsoring) businesses contribute to the overall impact of marketing and business programs to the degree that this initiative motivates young people to achieve higher levels of academic and technical performance. Specific and direct benefits include:

  • Positive positioning among high-achieving business/marketing graduates
  • Direct access to student profiles, including priority contact opportunities via the Institute
  • Reduced training and orientation expenses for certificated new-hires
  • Continuing recognition as part of the general promotion of the Institute
  • Direct input into the design of the credentialing requirements
  • Contribution to a nationwide initiative to raise the performance benchmark among entry-level business students

Key Elements

  • Web-based profiles of high-achieving students accessible to Institute sponsors
  • Certificates awarded on the basis of business-derived standards for core business concepts and skills
  • Proctored, online exams independent of classroom delivery system that will ensure valid, objective, and reliable test taking and scoring
  • Continuing advisory role for business partners to ensure relevance and responsiveness to industry needs

Business Sponsorship
To ensure that certificates represent the needs of the business community and to position the certificates as meaningful to business (and valuable to students), active sponsorship by interested companies, associations, collegiate business programs, and individuals is invited and encouraged. Organizations or individuals may sponsor this initiative by participating in any combination of:

  • Validation of performance indicators (typically ½ day focus groups)
  • Evaluation of exam questions (typically one hour online)
  • Executive advisory committee (annual meeting and quarterly conference calls)
  • Scholarships or comparable rewards systems for high-performing examinees
  • Cash or in-kind contributions
  • Comparable activities or contributions appropriate to the business

How can I support A*S*K without spending a lot of time?

We tailor each sponsorship package individually. We will consider you an active sponsor if you contribute as little as 8 hours per year. You may do so by participating in a local focus group (as available) or via online and conference call activities. You may also opt for a cash contribution to help support the A*S*K research and exam programs.